Cascade Heavy Duty Comfort

//Cascade Heavy Duty Comfort

Cascade Heavy Duty Comfort


Perhaps you fall into the category of sleepers called “plus size.” Or perhaps you just want the most durable, heavy duty bed possible that still maintains comfort, and can be used with an adjustable bed base. Or maybe you have had a negative experience with body impressions, and you want a bed free from those impressions but still comfortable. If you fall into one of those groups, the Cascade may very well be the solution you are looking for. The QLX spring system achieves an unprecedented level of deep, body contouring support with over 2000 isolated coils. Therafoam support has 50% higher density quilt foam and 2x greater density support foam. HyPurGel foam delivers pressure relieving, temperature balancing comfort, and the mattress is hand tufted for increased stability and reduced body impressions.

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