July 30th, 2016

//July 30th, 2016

July 30th, 2016

Sleeping Your Way to the Top…The Secret To Peak Physical Performance

The Summer Olympics are scheduled to begin in just a few days. During this time, the finest athletes in the world gather after years of dedicated preparation to compete for gold.

What most of us do not know is this little thought of secret that can often be the difference between taking home a medal, or falling short of that goal.

What the greatest athletes in the world know is this: NO ONE has ever gotten bigger, stronger or faster while training. The ONLY time you DO get bigger, stronger, faster is when your body is at REST after training.

Research now proves that quality rest and sleep are just as important as training to your ultimate success. Simply put: It is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve your highest levels of health and fitness without adequate quantity and quality of sleep. IMPOSSIBLE.

That is correct….no matter how hard we push ourselves in training…..and even if we eat the perfect diet….we will still come up short of your peak performance and results without adequate sleep. But most serious physical fitness buffs and athletes actually do just the opposite. Sacrificing sleep time for workout time. Fueling ourselves with energy drinks instead of sleep.

There is a lot of potential danger and unintended consequences to this way of living. Those energy drinks may cause even more sleep disruption. And exchanging sleep for additional workouts hugely increases the chances of injury, as well as the possibilities of developing heart disease, stress induced illness, diabetes, and even cancer.

The top trainers in the world ALL agree that sleep plays a critical role in performance, and is often the difference between winning and losing in competition, as well as the difference between peak performance and mediocre results in training and conditioning.

Make a commitment to doing the single most important thing that improves and protects health, wellness and fitness. And watch the Olympic athletes with a whole new appreciation, as we realize they actually slept their way to that gold medal!

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