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The 2nd Annual Fundraiser Mattress sale for the Geneva High school sports is November 3rd and 4th!

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The BEST beds. The best Pillows. The BEST Prices. Profits from all purchases benefit GenevaHS Sports!

Saturday, November 3, 9-4
Sunday, November 4, 9-3

High School Cafeteria
Just Added: Pillow-Palooza!
An exciting selection of awesome pillows for EVERY sleeper!

2nd Annual!

Best selection EVER of
awesome pillows!

Sale Site:
Geneva High School
416 McKinley Ave
Geneva, IL 60134

All New Beds
Adjustable Bed Experts
Interest Free Financing Available
Pick up or Delivery

Saturday, November 3, 9am to 4pm
Sunday, November 4, 9am to 3pm

Geneva High School Cafeteria

Essential Bed features the area’s #1 selection of quality beds at unbeatable prices, including Number Beds, Memory Foam, Gel Foam, Traditional Innerspring, Hybrids, Encased Coil, Two Sided, Adjustable Beds, Heavy Duty Beds. Fantastic Pillows! Best Quality. Best Value. We have beds for every purposel

Great Beds! Great Pillows!
Great Prices! Great cause!

Profits from all sales benefit Geneva HS Sports!
5% Discount For Cash or Check!

8 Reasons you should purchase your next bed at the Geneva Vikings Sports Funraiser Mattress Sale

  1. Better Sleep = Better Life. Only the BEST Beds!
  2. Temperature balance.
  3. Purity.
  4. Perfectly Balanced Support and Comfort.
  5. Pressure and pain relief.
  6. Beds tailored for YOUR unique body and needs.
  7. Price.
  8. Supporting Your Community.
  • Best Quality Beds and Pillows
  • Best Warranty
  • layaway and Financing available. 5% Discount for cash/check
  • 60 night happiness guarantee
  • Best Price and Value
  • Support your local community!
  • Geneva High School Cafeteria

Geneva Vikings Sports Fundraiser Mattress Sale

For More Information go to
or call 630-592-8602

“What on Earth is a Mattress Fundraiser?”
and answers to other common questions about our events.

A. A Mattress Fundraiser is typically a one or two day event designed to raise money for a worthy organization. For the event, a complete “pop-up” mattress store is set up in a school, community building, or other suitable location. 20 to 30 different beds are typically offered in a wide variety of types, sizes, price ranges, etc. When a purchase is made, profits from that purchase are directed to the cause.

A. This type of fundraising event can be extremely effective, typically returning thousands of dollars to the organization hosting the event.
A. It’s simply basic supply and demand combined with the best of human nature. Statistically about 1 in 5 households are considering purchasing a new bed or beds. We are simply redirecting that purchase to the fundraising event where not only do you get a great bed, but also benefit your community in the most direct way possible.
A. Yes. We have a wonderful selection of pillows including bamboo pillows, pillows that stay cool all the time, chiro recommended pillows and more. All at prices lower than you will find at stores and such online retailers as and
A. Our prices are extremely competitive, and nearly always lower to significantly lower than beds of comparable quality. Queen size is the size generally used by most stores for comparison. We start at $399 for a queen 2 piece set and top out at about $2000, with all points in between. Adjustable queen beds (including mattress and adjustable base) start at $998.
A. We are committed to only selling quality beds that have actual, legitimate sleep value. Therefore, we simply will not offer any products that don’t meet basic quality standards. Our personal belief is that quality sleep is the foundation of all health and wellness. In fact, an important aspect of our non-fundraising business is providing quality beds and pillows through a broad network of Doctors and other Medical Health Professionals.

We understand budgets, and try to offer selections that can satisfy as many customers as possible. But we not only will not sell what we consider to be inferior products, but we are also conscious of the fact that we are fundraising for an organization, and we would never sell anything that might cause hard feelings toward that organization.

A. We have many types of beds, including basic innerspring beds, memory foam beds, gel memory foam beds, hybrids, adjustable beds, special heavy duty beds for larger or obese customers and more. Most of our beds come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King sizes. Many of our beds also come in California King Size. About 70% of our beds are recommended for use with an adjustable base if you desire.

A. Our primary bed brand in Ther-aPedic. It is important here to note that we have relationships with virtually every mattress brand out there. We choose to use Ther-a-Pedic for these reasons:

  1. Ther-a-Pedic beds are made in what we consider to be one of the best, if not the very best mattressmanufacturing plants in the country, AND they are made right nearby in Rock Island, IL!
  2. These Ther-a-Pedic beds represent the best value for you of any mattresses available, typically costing hundreds of dollars less than beds with similar features.
  3. After a collective 60 plus years in the mattress business, we have studied and handled nearly all beds, and these are the beds that stand out as BEST support, BEST comfort, BEST durability, and BEST overall value. We HATE mattress failures, and these beds give us the peace of mind to know we will have satisfied customers for years to come.
  4. Best warranty. All of our beds have a 10 year, non-prorated warranty.
A. Most beds include a 60 night comfort guarantee, allowing you to reselect if the bed isn’t right for you.
A. Delivery is available on your purchase for a small fee.
A. Pick ups will be available at our North Aurora location. Bring tie downs to secure your purchase when picking up.
A. Deliveries are typically about 10 days from purchase.We will sell display models if you need your bed immediately.
A. The beauty of the Mattress Sale Fundraiser is that no one is ever asked to purchase something they weren’t already planning to purchase! Unlike other typical fundraisers that sell candy, cookies, flowers, food, etc, the Mattress Sale Fundraiser is directed to people with specific needs for a new bed or pillows. You can still help the program by inviting your friends and co-workers to the event!

Press Release For Immediate Publication

Communities that work together and pull together form the backbone of America. An important aspect of community living is supporting and encouraging our youth. School athletic programs are a classic example of this way of life. Athletics give students the opportunity to learn skills and disciplines while providing an avenue for physical exercise and growth. They challenge our youth to maximize their abilities. They provide opportunities for experiences and friendships that can last a lifetime and help shape their lives far into adulthood. They can even provide the way to higher education.

High School athletic programs require substantial funding. Equipment, teaching, maintenance, travel, uniforms, etc. all add up. The Geneva High School Athletic Department is hosting their 2nd Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser on November 3rd and 4th to raise funds to help finance their many Boys and Girls programs. Nearly 1000 students participate in one or more of these programs!. A Mattress Sale Fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for this program, as money is raised from purchases that were planned to be made already. If you have any plans to purchase a new bed or pillows in the coming weeks or months, PLEASE come to this fundraiser and see the BEST beds at the BEST prices!

A Mattress Sale Fundraiser is an easy and fun way to get a great quality bed while directly benefitting a wonderful cause and great need in the local community. When you purchase your new bed at the Mattress Sale Fundraiser, you not only get a bed of superior quality and value, but you also get the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that profits from your purchase will go directly to the Geneva High School Athletics Department. It’s a great feeling to know that instead of profiting some big, faceless corporation, your purchase will go to directly help a worthy cause in your community! It’s also a great feeling to get the best possible sleep at the lowest possible price, with beds offering the very best comfort, support and durability.

If you have any plans to purchase a new bed or pillows in the coming year, please come to the Mattress Sale Fundraiser and help support Geneva HS. At this event you will find over 25 types of beds to select from, including conventional innerspring beds, Memory foam and gel foam beds, Hybrids, Adjustable beds, 2 sided (flippable) beds, and more. Essential Bed only offers the highest quality beds from the best manufacturers, and their low overhead business model means that you can save hundreds, even thousands on your purchase.

This year we have added a “Pillow-Palooza.” The pillow selection is extraordinary and includes pillows that are “always cool,” bamboo cover pillows, Chiropractic Designed and endorsed pillows, special shoulder pillows for side sleepers, contour pillows, adjustable pillows and more. All of these pillows are at prices much lower than, Wayfair, or other online sites.

Delivery, financing, cash discount, and layaway are available, and all beds carry the best, non-prorated warranties in the Industry. Most beds also offer a 60 night sleep trial to ensure your happiness with your new bed.

​This 2 day event will be held on Saturday, November 3 from 9 to 4, and Sunday, November 4 from 9 to 3 at Geneva High School. For more about this event visit

Pillow Palooza

Fundraiser Catalog

A Wonderful opportunity to get today’s most sought after pillows delivered directly to your home at prices lower than can be found at your favourite stores or online shops!