Let us help you raise much needed funds for your Church, School, Community, or other cause. It’s easy and requires very little time or effort on your part, PLUS, everyone loves it because no one is ever asked to purchase anything they weren’t already planning to purchase!

The Pillow-Palooza Fundraiser!

The Fun, Fresh Fundraiser You’ve Been Looking For!

We all know there’s a dark side to fundraising. Besides the hard work and stress, there’s also this dirty little secret: most of the time those supporting the fundraiser are overpaying for whatever you are selling. And while that is an accepted aspect of most fundraising, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

Now, Essential Bed brings you a wonderful, exciting new Pillow-Palooza fundraiser that not only is built around products that every household needs, but also brings those products to your buyers at prices lower than they can find in stores or online! It’s a wonderful win-win fundraising opportunity that not only meets your goals, but that is appreciated by all in your community.

Pillow-Palooza by Essential Bed is a broad assortment of the best, most loved and desired pillows and bed toppers at prices below retail. Take a look at the enclosed catalog and you will see the remarkable variety of pillows your customers will have to choose from. And Essential Bed supports your efforts with pillow events, and by handling all the fulfillment of orders.

The Fundraiser Pillow and Mattress Sale…
The Perfect “Win-Win” Event for your community!

This Parish in the little river town of Henry cashed a check for $8709.00 after a weekend event, enabling them to do much needed repairs to their Parish Hall. Everyone loved their new beds, and the church was a little bit astonished by the results!

The small town of Walnut needed to raise funds to rehabilitate a building in their downtown, a part of a project to renovate their Main Street. In a couple of days,we raised almost $7000 and now that building is an important part of the community!

Like many non-profits, Fox Valley Older Adult Services in Sandwich has struggled to keep their programs afloat amidst the drama of budget impasses in Illinois. We were thrilled to give them a little extra breathing room ($10,000.00!) while they waited for their funding to come through. Another wonderful community success story!

We put the FUN back into Fundraising!
No hassles. No pain. No costs. No selling.
We do the hard work…You cash the check!

The Essential Bed Mattress Fundraiser
Highly Successful Fundraising Without the Hassles!

Let’s Face it: Fundraising is necessary, but not necessarily enjoyable. It’s often hard work, and it can be incredibly time consuming and stressful. In the end it’s hopefully worth the effort, but it can leave you exhausted! That’s why our Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza Fundraiser has gone to great lengths to create a more fun, less stressful fundraiser that really delivers results. Done as a standalone fundraising effort, or combined with our Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Event, you can raise thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for your organization, while putting smiles on the faces of all that purchase.

Make This Your Most Successful Fundraiser Ever!

Traditional fundraising projects typically involve selling a product such as candy, popcorn, flowers, etc. at prices that do not represent a good value to those purchasing. Your students and their parents have to use pressure, guilt, and coercion on their friends and family members to sell the products. Inevitably, a few produce most of the results while the rest do the bare minimum. Larger projects such as dinners, auctions, etc. often net wonderful returns, but also require hours and hours of detailed planning and labor. The Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza Fundraiser and the Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Event not only represent unbeatable values for your customers, they also require less time and effort than most fundraising projects, with greater return!

Give People Products They Want At Great Prices!
It’s pretty simple…offer high quality pillows and beds at prices lower than can be found anywhere else. Then add the bonus that profits from each purchase go to support a great cause and you have a winning fundraiser!

We Provide a Win! Win! Outcome For You!

We have created the Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza fundraiser as a Win! Win! Situation for both your organization and the consumers that will purchase at your event. The consumer wins when they receive unexpected extraordinary quality and value and you win when Essential Bed handles all of the product fulfillment for you, as well as producing fun and profitable event days to bookend your group sales. And if you do the Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza fundraiser in combination with the Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Event , we will set up an entire temporary mattress showroom at your location, with only the BEST quality mattresses, adjustable beds, and accessories at prices lower than these product can be found anywhere else, with a generous portion of the profits from each sale will go directly to your organization. And all the sales, collecting and fulfillment are DONE FOR YOU! by our team.

The Essential Bed Mattress Fundraiser provides you with the highest quality and service, as well as an extremely generous share of the sales profits. And all of the hard work is DONE FOR YOU! Your share of the fundraising effort consists of distributing invitations and flyers (that we provide), placing some signs (that we provide) around your community, generally helping to “spread the word” about the event, and furnishing a few volunteers to assist with set up and take down. For that minimal effort, your group can receive thousands of dollars in just one weekend

Essential Bed is a family owned company committed to providing the best possible sleep solutions for our customers regardless of their budget. We believe that quality sleep is the foundation of all health and wellness. We are 30 year veterans of the retail mattress industry, and we are committed to providing quality and value often lacking at the major mattress chains and outlets. Those supporting your fundraiser will only receive the BEST for their money spent!

P.S. An Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza Fundraiser and/or the Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Event can be planned and executed in a relatively short period of time. We have a system that is easily followed and nearly everything is DONE FOR YOU! You can substantially bolster your existing fundraising for this year with minimal time and effort. Let us show you how.

Highest Quality Products. Greatest Return To You!

This is why it works…According to statistics, at any given time, nearly 1 in 10 households is actively looking to purchase at least one new bed, and over 70% of households are in the market for new pillows. Those that are in the market for a new bed and/or pillows will happily purchase a bed of superior quality, (for less money than they would spend elsewhere), and will be excited to help your cause. Neither you, nor anyone else in your organization has to pressure their relatives and friends to buy anything they do not want or need. You do not have to manage any inventory. You are doing a true service for your community while meeting your fundraising needs!

Your fundraiser is 100% RISK FREE to you!

One of the greatest benefits of an Essential Bed fundraiser is it is RISK FREE! Unlike any other type of fundraising, there are NO upfront costs to your organization. NO product to buy. NOTHING to print. We handle it all. DONE FOR YOU! The members of your group simply have to make their friends and family aware of the awesome pillows available, take orders, and create awareness for the Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza and/or the Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Events.

Book Now and Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Remember: An Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza Fundraiser and/or the Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Event can produce tremendous revenue for your organization while making lots of happy, satisfied friends for your program! And nearly all of the work involved is DONE FOR YOU!

NOW is the best time to book your Essential Bed Pillow-Palooza Fundraiser and/or the Essential Bed Fundraising Mattress Event Contact us NOW for more information and to book your fundraiser. Here is how to contact us:

Phone: Randy Direct 815-378-5189

Remember: An Essential Bed Mattress Fundraiser can produce tremendous revenue in one weekend for your organization! And nearly all of the work involved is DONE FOR YOU!

If you could raise THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for your Organization in one weekend, with virtually no effort, would you be interested?

If everything was DONE FOR YOU and all you had to do was accept the check – wouldn’t you raise your hand and say “tell me more?”

What could you use additional funds for? Set your sights high and let us achieve your goals. We can raise THOUSANDS for you with our DONE FOR YOU fundraiser mattress sale. WE do the work. YOUR Organization cashes the check, and YOUR COMMUNITY loves it!

  • You do NO selling
  • You handle NO product
  • You have to do NO accounting or inventory management
  • You have NO upfront expense
  • We provide all signage, flyers and other marketing materials
  • We create a web site and Facebook page, and provide emails.
  • You get a (typically) LARGE check to cash!
  • You generate good will in the community by providing superior products and shopping experience at lower prices.
  • EVERYBODY wins!

We come in to your venue and set up a complete “pop up” mattress store for one day. This store features 20 or more of the best quality and latest technology sleep sets at prices LOWER than can be found at mattress stores or department stores. Our experts assist customers to select the set that is right for them, handle the sale, as well as the delivery to the customer’s home, while you share the profits. All DONE FOR YOU!
Prior to your event we typically spend 30 days or more promoting and advertising your event. We provide you with flyers and signs. We provide emails for you to send out, as well as Facebook posts for your organization and families to like and share. We go out into your community and promote your event. All DONE FOR YOU!

Call now to reserve your dates. Let us go to work to make your event a great success!
Direct: 815-378-5189

Statistically, nearly one in 10 households is already shopping for at least one new bed. These customers are making a purchase they WANT to make, now with the added benefit of helping a worthy organization in their community. A TRUE WIN! WIN!
You have NO costs. You only have to provide the space for the sale, and distribute flyers, signs, emails and Facebook posts (all of which are DONE FOR YOU). Your total time commitment is typically a couple of hours. The entire event, from beginning to end is RISK FREE. No monetary investment on your part. We even GUARANTEE the satisfaction of everyone purchasing at the event!