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The Way You Are Sleeping May Be ALL WRONG – And You Are Paying a Heavy Price Every Day

This may be the #1 key to fending off the physical effects of aging! (Or Why do I feel so old in the morning?)

What if you’ve been doing sleep WRONG your whole life?

Is it possible that one of the secrets to anti-aging is changing the way we sleep?

It’s something we just take for granted. When it’s time to sleep we head to our bedrooms and lay down flat on our mattresses, usually with a pillow under our heads, and proceed to fall asleep, hopefully for the next 7 or 8 hours.
Some of us sleep on our backs, most of us sleep on our sides, a few sleep on our stomachs, and many of us are tossing and turning into various sleep positions throughout the night. And many of us wake up during the night and in the morning with back pain, hip or shoulder pain, or because some body part has fallen asleep, etc…

So what if….the main cause of these aches and pains, these sleep interruptions…is the way we have been sleeping?
Think about this. When we are babies, we sleep as much as 18 hours a day. As children up into our teens, we typically sleep up to 9 or 10 hours a day. As adults, the gold standard is 8 plus hours. Most of us get in the 7 to 8 average range and unfortunately, in our sleep deprived society, it is often less.

What this amounts to, is that on average, for every 10 years of our lives, we spend over 3 years of that time sleeping! That’s right – 3 years of every decade of our lives is spent sleeping. We were designed to sleep about 1/3 of our lives, as sleep is the KEY TO HEALTHY LIVING. Sleep is when the body restores, heals, re-calibrates, and reprograms. Skimping on that sleep is a dangerous game. So it stands to reason, we want to do it right!

Now, look at yourself, and look around you. If you are in your 20’s, you and your peers may already be beginning to suffer from more frequent aches and pains, and particularly lower back and neck pain. In your 30’s and 40’s these things intensify, and pain and discomfort frequently begin manifesting in shoulders and hips, while back pain becomes more frequent and intense. We are often getting heavier, our skin tone is less vibrant, our energy levels may dissipate, and we are frequently a bit (or a lot) more cranky than we used to be! The underlying reasons for all of this are found in our sleep quality….or lack of it.

Everyone is unique in body size, shape and weight. We all have our own sleeping habits when it comes to positioning. And we each have unique lives and different types and degrees of physical stress and exertion during the day.

But one thing we ALL have in common is our strict adherence to the law. That is, one law we faithfully obey and are pretty much powerless not to obey, is THE LAW OF GRAVITY! And the law of gravity may well be what is quietly and relentlessly stealing your health, and breaking down your body while you sleep.

And the reason gravity is slowly, methodically, and relentlessly breaking down your body is because of the way we have been taught to sleep. The accepted and virtually unquestioned way we all take our rest, JUST MIGHT BE MAKING US OLD AND BROKEN DOWN UNNECESSARILY!

Think about this. Picture yourself laying down on your bed. You are undoubtedly laying flat in whatever position you normally go to sleep in. Think about how your body is now interacting with your mattress, and look at how your weight is dispersed and concentrated.
When we are laying flat on our beds, the greatest amount of our weight is being supported by our shoulders and our hips. These are the widest points of our bodies, and for most of us, where the largest amount of our body weight is concentrated.

Quality mattresses are designed with this in mind, and the best mattresses, like the Essential Bed, are designed to reduce stress on the body by reducing pressure points everywhere, especially on those areas supporting the most weight. These mattresses are also designed to allow our shoulders and hips to be more equalized with the rest of our bodies. Essential Bed has improved the lives of thousands with superior sleep technology.

But are we are still sleeping wrong? Is it possible that some small changes could not only improve our sleep, but could potentially slow down, or actually reverse some of the cumulative effects of aging? It could be that changing the WAY we sleep could add years to our lives, and make our quality of physical living exponentially better.

Is the way we sleep forcing our bodies to age prematurely? Could there be an easy and effective solution? Let’ s look again at how we sleep. Now think about the law of gravity. As we lay in our beds (remember – we lay in bed over 3 months out of the year, over 2 DAYS OUT OF EVERY WEEK), gravity is constantly, relentlessly and without end pulling straight down on our bodies, concentrating our weight onto our hips and our shoulders. While our shoulders and hips are carrying the brunt of that force, and supporting the bulk of our weight, gravity is also relentlessly pulling at our less supported areas, particularly our lower back.

The relentless pull of gravity as we sleep places a constant and disproportionate pressure on our shoulders , hips and knees, while simultaneously straining our necks and lower back.

Night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year. This relentless pressure, constant pull, and never ending concentration of pressure and weight has a cumulative effect. Eventually, we just wear out.
And yet, we continue to subject ourselves to this constant pressure, this never ending, debilitating pull, night after night and year after year. It’s no wonder we suffer so much pain and discomfort!

Because yes – you may be sleeping all wrong. And the way you are sleeping wrong is by laying FLAT in your bed, night after night, and year after year.

The good news is – it does not need to be this way. In fact, you can easily diminish the negative effects of gravity on your sleeping body, and begin the process of healing yourself and reversing the cumulative effects of aging and wear and tear on your shoulders, hips, and back. All it takes is a superior mattress and an adjustable base for that mattress, and you can quickly be on the road to better sleep, superior health and pain-free living!

The human body is NOT FLAT. We have wider and narrower areas. We have curves. We have bones and joints that protrude at odd angles. And spending 8 hours a night pressing our non-flat bodies against a flat surface is counter-intuitive and ultimately destructive. We are creating stress on our bodies and reinforcing that stress night after night until we ultimately break down. It doesn’t make sense, and we pay a serious long term price.

With an adjustable base and a high quality mattress, you can:

  • Tailor your bed to your unique body and your preferred sleeping positions.
  • Dramatically reduce the stress on your shoulders, back, hips and even your knees.
  • Double your circulation efficiency by as much as 2 times.
  • Reduce the effects of acid reflux, hiatal hernia, and GERD.
  • Enjoy relief from minor sleep apnea and reduce snoring.
  • Manage pain from multiple causes including accident, injury, wear and tear, or auto-immune conditions such as
  • fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Find relief from muscle strains
  • Plus enjoy lifestyle benefits such as:
  • Reading in Bed
  • Watching TV
  • Using your tablet or laptop

Pregnant women and new mothers enjoy the relief from the discomforts and body changes that are a part of pregnancy, and find it much easier and comfortable to feed their baby in bed, and co-sleep in a safer environment.

Truly, the advantages to be gained from an adjustable base and premium mattress such as those offered by Essential Bed are endless.
Take control of your sleep positioning and begin reversing the negative effects of poor sleep and body damage from the pull of gravity by getting a premium quality adjustable base and mattress today. Sleep is the single greatest factor in your overall health and wellness, and every day of potentially damaging sleep has the potential for far reaching consequences.

It appears likely that if we started from a young age to make quality sleep a high priority, and to consider sleep positioning as an important factor in our personal health and wellness, that we could prevent many potential threats to our physical, emotional and mental health.

Quality sleep should be the highest priority for everyone of all ages. It is impossible to perform at your highest levels physically, mentally and emotionally without quality sleep, and lack of quality sleep has been conclusively shown to be a major causal factor in sickness, disease, mental illness, depression and premature death.

Maximize your health and wellness with a premium adjustable bed, and live at your highest levels.

Watch as I talk about sleep positioning and question the wisdom of sleeping flat.