The Essential Bed Story

“Sleep may be the most important factor determining the quality of our health. It’s that important. And there needs to be a source that makes the highest quality sleep products accessible to the broadest amount of people.” That statement from Randy Gonigam, owner of Essential Bed, sums up what drives this company to play David to the mattress store Goliaths that are seemingly on every corner of every shopping area around.

“At Essential Bed, we live by two mantras: ‘Sell for Less and Tell the Truth’ and ‘We have a bed for that!'” Everything about what we do, from sourcing and design of our beds, to our unorthodox channels of distribution, to the stripping of all unnecessary costs from our business model in order to keep prices low, is designed to recognize, understand, and solve the serious problems and threats our customers face to their physical, mental, and emotional health. All three are intricately tied to the quality of sleep we get.

The chain stores and big Corporate players, both on the selling side and the manufacturing side have no concept of how personal and individual each person’s sleep is to them. For these giant companies it’s all about numbers, and their customers, more often than not, are simply another number to be managed. And it’s hard to bring attention to a different, infinitely better way to address the unique challenges we all face and provide solutions, simply because the sheer weight of their marketing and store penetration is so massive.”

And so Essential Bed purposely moves in a very different direction that other mattress providers. For several years now, Essential Beds were only offered through a small network of Chiropractic physicians in Northern Illinois. “We were purposeful in working with this healing group. Chiropractic patients are typically people that have often debilitating pain issues, and they turn to Chiropractic for answers they haven’t found elsewhere. And we are proud to have been a part of many thrilling stories of helping people to find comfort, pain relief, and better sleep at a point where they thought those things were impossible.”

In 2017, Essential Bed found another niche that fit them well, when they began doing Fundraiser Mattress Sales for community service providers and schools. These type of events present a low overhead opportunity to meet customers in a relaxed atmosphere, and really address their needs with quality products at lower than market prices. And everyone benefits when profits from those purchases go to support the organization hosting the event.

” The concept works because unlike most fundraisers, no one is ever asked or pressured to buy something they don’t want or need. Statistically, about one in 6 or 7 households will purchase a new bed or pillows in the near future. We simply direct those purchasers to our events. No one has to sell anything, or pressure their neighbors or co-workers, and there is very little overall effort required of the benefiting organization. It’s a win-win for all.”

Now, in 2018, Essential Bed continues their fundraising events while expanding their penetration with a much larger universe of health professionals, as well as beginning a concentrated effort to educate avid health and fitness buffs to the critical importance of sleep to achieve fitness goals. Plus, we have added a new showroom now open in Stratford Square Shopping Center!

For your best health, wellness and lifestyle, visit the Essential Bed Showroom now open at Stratford Square Shopping Center!

Sleep – Why it’s More Important Than You Think

We Have a Bed For That!

  • Snoring a problem?
  • Do you toss and turn?
  • Do you wake up in pain?
  • Tired of body impressions and sagging?
  • Eliminate motion transfer between partners
  • Do you need a heavy duty bed?
  • Want to customize your comfort and support on each side of the bed?

Two of Our Awesome Pillows

Essential Bed was created with YOU in mind.

The founders of Essential Bed have worked in the mattress industry for over 35 years. In that time, we have seen the industry transition in many ways, and in many ways become much less consumer friendly. Consolidation at both the manufacturing and retail levels have resulted in a handful of mega producers controlling the vast majority of the mattress business. As has been the case in many industries, quality and performance are often sacrificed for increased profits and return to shareholders. Most of the “famous name” mattress lines are now subject to what is euphemistically called “fair trade pricing.” We call it price fixing, and it means that these manufacturers and retailers make mega-profits and you, the consumer overpay to own a high quality bed.

Our focus has always been on quality and healthy sleep, and for that reason we have spent many years searching out manufacturers who offer superior beds and features, even if those manufacturers were not as well known. And that is how the Essential Bed came into existence.

Essential Beds are engineered and constructed utilizing the most sophisticated bed technology and materials produced anywhere in the world. Every detail of every bed is meticulously analyzed…

We are proud to proclaim that Essential Bed mattresses and pillows are not only the most comfortable and supportive sleep products available anywhere, but are also significantly lower priced than comparable beds offered by the famous names you are so familiar with (due to them spending hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing and infomercials).

Utilizing Advanced Sleep Technology To Slow, And Even Reverse, The Effects of Aging.

This is the Health and wellness pyramid. Most people who are concerned about their health are focused on just two sides. While exercise and activity are important, and nutrition and diet completely necessary, the fact is that the FOUNDATION for all health and wellness is REST and SLEEP.

Without adequate quality sleep, even those of us who are in seemingly top physical condition and eating healthy diets are left much more vulnerable to serious health concerns such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer.

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Individuals with poor sleep habits are at much greater risk for serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, mental illness, depression, memory loss, auto-immune disorders and more. According to one study, you have a 27% greater risk of premature death from all causes if you are not getting adequate sleep.

“Our chiropractor originally recommended the Essential Pillow to us. I was suffering from neck and back pain and having a lot of trouble sleeping. My husband, three daughters and I all fell in love with the pillows. We had to get pillows for everyone because the kids were sneaking in and “borrowing” ours!

The pillows worked great and my sleeping improved, but other issues continued to disrupt my sleep. Even though my hips and knees did not hurt during the day, they would ache every night to the point of keeping me awake.

I saw a brochure at the chiropractor for the Essential Bed, made of the same material as the pillows. I was hesitant, since a mattress is such an important purchase and ours wasn’t that old. At the same time, a friend mentioned to me that he had purchased an Essential Bed from you and loved it. We decided to give the bed a try.

As you know, we were back within 3 months purchasing two more for our daughters. Our third daughter had a mattress that was only a year old. After a few more months and seeing the dramatic improvement in the whole family’s sleep quality and comfort, we gave away her mattress and purchased an Essential Bed for her. We also got your thinner model for our RV because I noticed my pain was returning when sleeping there!

We are a very active agricultural family, our kids do rodeo as a sport as well as all kinds of farm work. We really need our sleeping hours to count!

Thank you so much for helping us pick out the correct beds, and for delivering them so quickly, with a smile, and at a VERY reasonable price! We are now looking forward to purchasing an Essential Bed for the guest room on our farm!”

-Michelle Stewart
Spirit Farms (Sheridan, IL)

“My wife and I bought a king size, dual adjustable Essential Bed. I can’t say enough about how much we enjoy our new bed. The mattress is comfortable and I love that I can adjust my half of the bed separately (and my wife can do the same). The price of the bed is far more reasonable than the ‘name brand’ stores. We did our homework beforehand. Better than Tempurpedic without the price tag. Our bed has a vibration feature that I thought was useless at first, but now I find myself lulling myself to sleep with it. Everyone should get this bed!”


“New research shows that sleeping better is one of the simplest and most effective things we can do to vastly enhance and extend our lives. It’s time we learned to value sleep not as a luxury, but as a necessity. If we want to raise performance, reduce illness, improve general satisfaction with life and increase lifespan, we must pay attention to sleep as a fundamental biological process.”

-Dr. James Maas, Sleep Expert

“No other bed can provide the combination of sleep health benefits found with Essential Bed. While many mattresses today can be paired with an adjustable base, no other mattress can match the incomparable comfort and perfectly balanced support of an Essential Bed mattress.”

-Randy Gonigam

Quality Sleep is truly the foundation for quality living. Without good sleep, it is impossible to achieve your best health and fitness.